Nataša Dimić, DMD

Dr Nataša Dimić was born on 25.06.1995 in Skopje, North Macedonia. She finished elementary school and Medicine high school in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade in 2020 with an average grade of 9.10. After graduation, doctor Nataša finished obligatory six-month clinical internship at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Belgrade. She successfully passed a state’s license exam for dental medicine doctors. After clinical internship dr Dimić volunteered in several dental offices in Belgrade, gaining experience in various fields of dentistry. Since September 2021., dr Dimić has been employed full-time in Dental perfect dental office.

Dr Nataša has been following programs in continuous education regarding restaurative dentistry, endodontics, periodontology, prosthodontics and oral surgery. She regularly attends congresses and symposiums dealing in specialized restaurative procedures, such as white spots removal and composite anterior build-up. Dr Nataša educates patients in personalized oral hygiene plan.

She has knowledge of english language. Her hobbies are sport and reading books.