Jelena Nešković Kovačević, DMD

Jelena Nešković Kovačević, DMD (Dental Medicine Doctor), was born in 1989 in Belgrade. She finished elementary and middle school “Branislav Nušić”. Next, she finished High School for Dental Technicians and Nurses in Belgrade, where she graduated from both modules: the Dental Technician module as a regular student and simultaneously the Dental Nurse-Technician module as an irregular student. She enrolled at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade in 2008. She successfully completed six- year studies with an average grade of 9.27/10.00. After graduation she took a full-time dental internship at The Military Medical Academy for one year. After completing the internship she has been employed by a couple of private dental offices in Belgrade and Čačak. Working as a general dentist in these dental offices she has gained five years of work experience.

She succeeds to relax every patient though friendly approach and communication. She answers all patients’ questions about oral health and explains the diagnosis and treatment plan patiently in detail. During her five years of dental practice, she has been engaged in continuing education, has completed numerous courses and participated in a large number of congresses. She speaks Serbian as her mother tongue and English. Her hobbies are poetry writing and Pilates exercising.

She is married and she has one son.